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House Call Veterinarian in San Antonio

Try Our Mobile Vet in the San Antonio Area

Going to the vet is an important part of any pet’s life. Skipping it altogether means skipping out on so many benefits for their life and general health. However, while the vet has many advantages, it comes with a lot of stress: making appointments, arranging to take your pet to the vet, and having them fear the vet’s office, to name a few. For pet owners in the San Antonio area, these stresses are all but gone with MobileCare Veterinary Clinic.

Our mobile vet in the San Antonio area is exactly what you think it is. It’s a full-service veterinarian office on wheels. Instead of having you and your pet come to us, we will come to you on a house-call basis. By doing this, we hope you and your pet will feel less anxious of vaccines or x-rays, as you will be in your home where you feel safe.

Though we are a mobile vet in the San Antonio area, we have the same goals as a brick-and-mortar veterinarian’s office: to provide high-quality care and compassion to dogs, cats, and their owners.

Our Veterinary Services

MobileCare Veterinary Clinic provides a variety of services for your furry friends. Here’s the kind of care they will receive when we bring our mobile vet in the San Antonio area to your front door:

San Antonio In-Home Vet

If you live in the San Antonio area and want to try our MobileCare Veterinary Clinic, contact us at 210-241-6343.