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Mobile Veterinary Hospital San Antonio

Checkout Our Mobile Veterinary Hospital Unit

Welcome to MobileCare Veterinary Clinic! We are excited to share our state-of-the-art mobile unit, inside and out. We provide complete veterinary services(e.g. for the San Antonio are), with the same level of care and technology that you would find at a brick-and-mortar animal clinic. Explore the photos of our mobile veterinary unit below to learn more about our practice and technology. If you have questions about MobileCare Veterinary Clinic, please contact our team.

Mobile Veterinary Hospital

Outside the Mobile Unit

When you see our vehicle pull up in front of your home, you will know us by our distinctive design. Dr. Pat Mims and his staff will park at your house and greet you for your pet’s visit inside our unit.

Mobile Veterinary Hospital

Entering the Mobile Unit

From the moment you enter MobileCare Veterinary Clinic, you will be pleasantly surprised by the clean, streamlined style of our practice and the incredible state-of-the-art equipment we carry for your pet’s exceptional care.

Mobile Dog and Cat Surgery San Antonio

Animal Surgical Treatments

In the MobileCare Veterinary Clinic mobile unit, we are fully equipped to provide many of the same veterinary services that are performed in a stationary practice. We are proud to provide complete surgical treatment in our mobile “surgical suite,” allowing us the ability to perform a range of veterinary surgeries with the aid of surgical monitoring.

Mobile Dog Dentist in San Antonio

Pet Dentistry

As veterinary care providers, we are firm believers that veterinary dentistry is one of the most important aspects of your pet’s overall health. When we designed our mobile unit, we knew it had to be fully outfitted for dental treatment! We have a treatment area set aside for dental care and we are able to perform comprehensive dentistry for our patients, professional dental cleanings under anesthesia, tooth extractions, and more, all performed with complete surgical monitoring to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients.

San Antonio Mobile Pet X-Rays

Digital X-Ray For Pets

Radiography is an essential tool in veterinary medicine, allowing us to visualize the inside of the body to check for growths and abnormalities, foreign bodies, broken bones, and more. Digital radiology is the best version of the tool to date and the MobileCare Veterinary Clinic team is so pleased to have a digital x-ray unit in our mobile practice.

More From MobileCare Veterinary Clinic

Are you wondering what else we can provide at MobileCare Veterinary Clinic? We invite you to explore our veterinary services list to find out all about the incredible service offerings we can provide to your pet. If you have questions about our care or would like to schedule a visit from us, please contact us!