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Pet Wellness Exams

At MobileCare Vet, our number one priority is keeping pets healthy and happy so you can enjoy many more wonderful years together. That’s why we believe so strongly in having a thorough wellness care plan in place for your pet. The first step on the road to excellent health is scheduling your pet for a comprehensive wellness examination.

What to Expect During the Wellness Exam

Wellness exams are conducted annually to evaluate your pet’s health. We use this opportunity to give your pet a complete physical examination, administer vaccines that are needed, and perform any necessary lab tests. These tests might include routine heartworm and intestinal parasite exams as well as CBC and blood chemistry evaluations—if needed—based on age, lifestyle, and examination findings.

Annual physicals are among the most important procedures for evaluating ongoing health since pets age so much more rapidly than humans. Early detection is one of the keys to maintaining good health, and a semi-annual or annual exam allows us to evaluate any changes which might indicate an emerging problem. Each physical examination typically includes:

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Essentially, your pet’s exam is very similar to the physicals that we humans receive annually from our own doctors. Establishing a patient’s normal baseline of health is important in order to be able to recognize inappropriate changes as they develop.

Feel free to talk to the vet or technician if you have any questions or concerns while the wellness exam is being conducted. We know that educated pet owners are the best pet owners, so we’re happy to talk to you about your pet’s health and care requirements. If you’re ready to schedule your pet’s wellness exam, give us a call at 210-241-6343 or request an appointment.