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Senior Pet Care

When your pet reaches their senior years (usually around the age of 7, but this may vary for dogs of different sizes, breeds, and conditions), their health care protocol will begin to change as well. Senior pets need a different level of care from their younger adult counterparts, often requiring a greater emphasis on pre-emptive diagnostics, early disease detection, and nutritional management. A comprehensive physical examination every 6-12 months becomes even more important for these patients, along with appropriate lab tests and determined on an individual basis. While our senior pets still require immunizations, the schedule often changes due to established immunity and risk of exposure, and those schedules are evaluated on an individual basis as well.

During your pet’s senior years, we will focus on the following care:

When your pet reaches their senior years, open communication between you and our team is even more important than before. We encourage you to ask us any questions you have about your pet’s health or needs.